Feel Like a Champion Again!

Just a few days before her next bout, MMA fighter  Sarah came into our office with a problem.  She couldn’t tilt her head back and her hips felt locked up.  Considering she was about to enter the octagon with someone determined to knock her on her butt, she needed everything to work perfectly.  Being in pain and unable to move easily wasn’t going to cut it.

Sarah’s exercise and diet regimen were intense.  She worked out in high impact forms on a daily basis and was in the process of cutting weight for the fight.  Her body was feeling the stress and the pain only made the process worse.  After just a couple chiropractic adjustments, the neck pain went away and she could look up, down, and side to side without any pain.  (helpful when trying to avoid punches 🙂 We got the hips unlocked and she was now able to start fully throwing kicks like she needed for her fight.

The results?   Sarah won her fight AND got a trophy for “Knockout of the Night” she won by using a punch/kick combo!  Plus, she got that completely awesome championship Belt!!!

He Walked In With Crutches….

Adam is a single-dad raising two beautiful children while running his own business as a general contractor.  Every day he takes his kids to school before heading off to put in wood floors, restore cabinets, rebuild a flight of stairs, or put the finishing touches on a beautiful kitchen or bathroom.

Adam doesn’t have time to be out of work or sit around at home. Life demands he’s ready to go for both his career and his family.

Which is why seeing him walk in with crutches hardly able to stand was agonizing.  Unable to put weight on his right foot, we assisted him back to complete our exam and begin treatment.

Less than an hour after walking in our door desperate for relief, Adam handed over his crutches and walked out the front door unassisted.  In just two more visits, the pain was essentially gone.  He was back to not only taking on his full workload to support his family,….

…..He was back being the father he knew he needed and wanted to be.

– Y.V.


– C. B.

One Day Old and Displaced Shoulder: Chiropractic Works for Babies Too!

Stephen was born on an early morning to his loving parents who already cared for 5 other children. It didn’t take long to see something wasn’t quite right.  As Stephen passed through the birth canal, his right arm was pinned against his head straining his shoulder and irritating the joint and muscles.  After a number of hours, sleepless and sore, the poor newborn was still unable to lower his arm.

A midwife who had delivered Stephen called to see if there was anything we could do.  We honestly weren’t sure of the extent, but were certain we could help in some way.

When Stephen came into the office it was obvious he was hurting.  He had been unable to sleep since his birth and hadn’t been able to start breastfeeding or taking in any nourishment of any kind.

Slowly working on Stephen’s shoulder, it was amazing watching the arm gently lower itself away from his head and take its normal position along his torso.  With gentle chiropractic adjustments along his delicate spine, his body was realigned and the muscle tension began to ease.

Within ten minutes after finishing treating him, Stephen fell fast asleep.  When he awoke his radiant, ocean blue eyes sparkled with the joy of a bright baby.  He was able to eat and went on enjoying life sharing the blessing of a new baby with his family.