Dr. April Morford – Vibrant Living Begins With YOU! Note to Self… It’s time to take action

I don’t know about you, but I have this urgency to create big things this year. To grow and expand in my businesses, awareness, friendships and living life. But, I’ve been feeling this pressure inside, it’s already close to mid-March, it’s almost Spring, what have I done so far this year? 

I’ve actually done quiet a bit, and while it helps me indirectly, it’s not helping me feel fulfilled and alive inside. It feels like work, not fun. I’ve begun to have great awareness and insight into what I want for me and what I feel is missing. I came to the conclusion that I need help. I love helping others with BEST practices to do this exact thing that I’m needing help with right now. It was hard to admit it, but in truth, the support and accountability I desire is not present for the things I most greatly desire. I’ve been neglecting my dreams, spending hours daydreaming about what it looks and feels like, but never taking action towards them because I’m doing so much in other areas, for others. 

So, I reached out to a coach to help. And, even just talking things out to another person that has no judgement or attachment to what you want, began the self-realization I needed. I’ve been sitting on my thumbs, waiting for when the time is “right” to do me, BE ME. How sad I felt when this hit me, I’ve been trying to be all these things for everyone else, to create a happy and healthy environment for all, that I’ve been tucking my dreams under my pillow, waiting for the next day. I fully accept that I have allowed all of this to happen. But, it’s time to embrace who I am, even more, and begin to take those action steps to create what I want in this life. I finally reached that point where my energy levels just seem to stay low and daydreaming is frustrating. I’m so much more energetic and happy when I am DOING what I love.

I’m grateful for the realization. I’m grateful that I reached out and began coaching sessions. I’m grateful that, that was my first action step. I’m grateful for my dreams and am ready to bring them to life. 
So, if you made goals this year or if you are feeling in a rut, even though it’s only March. Maybe it’s time to reach out to a coach of some type to get you excited again, to get you moving forward again. Coaching, like anything else, does not have to be forever, but you may want it to be. 

I’m not a life coach, but I will offer my BioEnergetic /Energy Code services here. A B.E.S.T. session with me will focus on those things that are causing the most discord or discomfort in your life right now. It is a mind/body/spirit practice that works on your levels of awareness and subtly, gently, allows you to reveal who you are, what you want and where you are not aligned to that by connecting mind-body-breath. From recurring thoughts to physical symptoms (even chronic conditions like autoimmune diseases) B.E.S.T. can facilitate your revealing-healing. 

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