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Chiropractic Now is a family oriented wellness center serving Edmond and the greater Oklahoma City area for over ten years.  Dr. Kevin and Dr. April Morford combine over 25 years of experience in health and wellness to help you overcome aches and pains, boost energy, and live life on your terms.  Our chiropractic, spinal therapy, and rehabilitation services are for all ages, from newborn infants with poor sleep and digestion to the most experienced members of our society.

care Personalized Care

Every person gets a unique detailed plan to suit their particular treatment needs.  You’ll get to work with the doctor in making decisions on what’s best for you and your loved ones.

care Auto Accident Care

Auto accidents are particularly damaging to the spine, including the nerves and muscles closely related to it.  Chiropractic care and spinal therapy speed up the healing process.  Chiropractic Now has experience in handling your care from start to finish, including dealing with insurance companies.

care Shoulder and Hip

Dr. Kevin and Dr. April take care of more than just the spine.  They have unique experience and expertise in care for the shoulder and hip using chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy.

care Spinal Rehab

Our doctors use techniques from the Pettibon System alongside other proven physical therapy modalities to stretch and strengthen the spine and its supporting muscles.  This helps with posture correction, provides stability, and can help eliminate the “hump” at the base of the neck.

care Infant and Toddler

Even little ones need chiropractic from time to time.  Bumps, falls, and tumbles are part of every child’s day.  Chiropractic is safe and effective for children of all ages and has even been shown to help babies just days or months old with problems like neck spasms and tongue tie.

care B>E>S>T

B.E.S.T. is a low impact chiropractic treatment that goes inside of the stress responses leading to prolonged pain and discomfort that traditional treatments don’t alleviate.  Dr. April is certified through The Morter Institute in this technique that not only cuts pain but enhances calm and healing.


Dr. K is wonderful! I’ve been seeing him for almost a decade. He’s always available to squeeze me in when my migraines won’t go away. A quick alignment and I’m back to myself. I highly recommend Dr. Kevin



Dr. Kevin and his staff are AMAZING! I will never go anywhere else. They are all very caring. Dr. Kevin never hurries with patients. Calming environment. Always fits me in, and gives me excellent advice. 🙂



I am very appreciative of Dr. Kevin and Dr. April, and cannot recommend them enough. I’ve been a patient of Dr. K for years, and I always receive the best care in my adjustments. I have some recurring issues and he’s been helpful to get an overall plan outside of adjustments to keep me well and feeling good.


nullKevin is amazing! He targets exactly what you need and doesn’t mess with what doesn’t need fixing. He has really helped alleviate my headaches and back pain. His prices are very reasonable which helps a lot being a college student! I highly recommend


Our Promise to You

There is nothing more valuable than the complete health of your mind, body, and soul.   It is our sincerest promise to bring you science-based, clinically proven methods of healing through chiropractic that promote health and well-being down to the cellular level. 
While each body is similar, no person is exactly alike. We assure that every person receives detailed, individualized care that best serves their specific needs. No games. No gimmicks. Just personalized care for maximum results.

Visit Dr. April’s website for more information on B.E.S.T. , yoga and nutrition workshops

Do You Feel This Good?
Life is meant to be enjoyed.  If you’re struggling with pain from arthritis, auto accident injuries, fibromyalgia, migraines or other conditions we have your solution. Simple, effective, proven chiropractic techniques that can provide immediate relief to get you back in the game of life and enjoying every moment.  

Real Change = Real Results
Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing expecting different results.  Discover the healing power within every cell by receiving chiropractic care, attending a workshop, getting personal coaching or having us speak at your next event.  You’ll find how small changes create huge results.

Healing at the Forefront of Science…..   and Beyond
What if we combined the greatest teachings of all time with the scientific knowledge of today? Merging ancient wisdom, personal experience, and scientific discovery we’ll show you how to experience the health and vitality bursting from deep within every molecule of your body.

Read our top 21 simple steps to begin living vibrantly!

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“The greatest summation of health and happiness I’ve ever read.”
– Donovan Arterburn Jr.

“If you’re searching for a healthier, happier, lifestyle…then look no further! Kevin &      April make things as simple as ABC.  No magic tricks or hidden strings, just spot on    professional advice that we should all follow.”
– Duane Cummings, Author of The Sensational Salesman